Monday, March 28, 2011

My 3/27 CVS trip..Week 1 of Challeging myself

CVS is such a fun place to shop!  I love seeing how far I can make $ stretch there while buying only the things I need.  As you might remember from my previous post, I am challenging myself to see how long it takes to spend $10 (envelope method) at CVS.  I am not counting tax in the $10 spending, because tax could easily be close to 10 if not 10 in one good buy.  I might get everything in my cart for "Free" but still spend $10 on tax.

I start out this week with $38 ECB (see previous post for explanation).

I do not have a picture this week because as soon I got home I had to do something and before I could get it done, J had put up everything.  (I am not complaining, just explaining the lack of a picture of the products.)

Here is what I bought (prices listed are sales prices):

(6) Arm and Hammer Laundry Detergent 32 loads -  Retail $7.69 each
(4) Axe Body Wash - Retail $4.50 each  
(2) Clean and Clear Body Wash - Retail $2.99 each
(1) Skintamite Shaving Gel - Retail $2.39
(1) Physicians Formula Conceler Stick - Retail $6.39 


(3) Free Arm and Hammer Detergent coupons (matched with BOGO sale) - (These were found on ebay..I had to pay a little for them but not near what they were worth - no more really than getting the sunday papers would be) 

(2) BOGO Axe coupons  (These were in the 3/27 Sunday Paper)

(1) BOGO Clean and Clear coupon (3/27 Sunday Paper) Retail $2.99 each

(1) $2/1 Clean and Clear IP (You can print these out from Clean and Clears website)

(1) 0.55 skintamite coupon (Sunday Paper - warning on this one..there seems to be a problem with the bar code and it is not scanning right.  Hopefully you will get a nice cashier like mine who will override it for you)
(1) 10 ecb
(2) 5 ecb

Total oop: 0.00 with 0.23 cents overage.  Tax was $4.92 but they gave me 55 cents because my coupon would not scan so that made it $4. 37 after tax.

I spent $20 in ecb..but got $14.50 back. Putting this with the ecbs I have left from last week that I did not use I currently have $32.50 in ecb!

ECBs on this transaction:  (1) $7 for Physicians formula concealer,  (1) 2.50 for Skintamite gel,  (1) $5 for Axe Body Wash. 

Total savings:  $69.92 (using sale prices other than the BOGO laundry..because I do not remember the before sale price on anything else)

Total spent toward $10 challenge: $0!!!!!

If you are one of the people that must count tax then $4.37 (see I got lots of stuff for "free" but tax put me almost half way to $10).  

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