Saturday, March 26, 2011

CVS challenge..

I have seen several other people and blog do this, so I thought I would give it a try. I am going to see how many products I can get for $10 out of pocket at CVS (this excludes ECBs. Here is a link to one post about a $10 challenge. Here is another (that is mentioned in the previous link) Frugal Mom..

When doing this search I decided to add Frugality is Free to my favorite coupon blogs!

I will be blogging here to see how far I can make $10 go. I am starting out with the ECBs I collected from last week. There are 38 of them...which is like $38. A second part of the challenge is to see if I can end the $10 with still having a decent amount of ECBs. I don't expect to still have $38 worth..but I would like to still have at least $10 on hand. ECBs are not counted in the $10..just purely $10 cash money. I want to see what the $ amount of the worth of my purchases ends up being. (I will also be using manufacturer coupons as well as the ECBs. I will post when I use a coupon). I will NOT be counting tax in any of this as it could easily eat up $10 quickly seeing that TN has an almost 10% tax rate on EVERYTHING!

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