Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Interview with Savannah

I linked to a blog post via Pinterest. The blog is Called Raising Godly Children . It was a post about 23 Questions to Ask Your Kids. I asked S (will be 8 next month) the questions. Here are her answers.  

1. What do you think heaven looks like?

 Everything is gold and silver. God and Jesus are there. My Nana is there too. Everything is shiny with jewels. There are lots and lots of people. They are happy. There is a shiny sun, it is so beautiful.

2. What does Dad do at work?

 He answers the phone and does stuff on the computer.  

3. Who is a person you know that seems the most Christ-like?

My mom. She loves us no matter what we do.  

4. What do you think your wife (husband) will be like?

He will be smart and have red hair.  

5. If you were going to spend one year on a desert island and could only take three things with you, what would they be?

Water, food, a car so I could get home  

6. Who is your favorite aunt or uncle and why do you like him or her so much?

 I like both my uncles and my aunt. They play with me. It would hurt someone's feelings if I picked just one. That would be mean.  

7. What sounds and smells do you think Joseph and Mary experienced in the stable on Christmas night?

 Animal poop, animal food, pee pee, animal throw up 8. What is the nicest thing I ever did for you? Took me to Dollywood

  9. When is a time that I hurt your feelings?

Today. You made me turn off the TV  

10. When is a time that you were really mad at me?

When you made me turn off the TV  

11. If people followed the Golden Rule, think of all the things we wouldn’t need. Can you make a list?

War, juvenile hall, jails, hell  

12. If you could be in a movie that you’ve already seen, which one would it be? Would you be a character that is already in the movie, or would you be one that you would add?

Suite Life on Deck…I would want be to London Tipton  

13. How is love different for a Christian couple than it is in the movies?

It is real  

14. What is the difference between being smart and being wise?

 When you are smart you know a lot of stuff in books…when you are wise you know a lot of stuff about people

  15. What is your favorite outfit?

 Hello kitty shirt  

16. What is the hardest part about being 8?

if you are the oldest you have to help more than your brother and sister  

17. What has been your favorite childhood memory?

Going to Dollywood  

18. When you pray, how do you picture God?

He is old because He has been alive forever but he looks young. He is probably handsome

  19. What is your favorite Bible verse? Why do you like it?

Jeremiah 29:11 – Because I know He will take care of me and my brain tumor  

20. If you could be an animal for a day, which one would you be?

Unicorn – they are magic  

21. If you could go in a time machine, what era in history would you like to visit?

Revolutionary War – I want to be a Liberty Kid  

22. What person in history would you like to visit? George Washington – he is the father of our country. I do not know what I would ask him.  

23. What is the most important decision you will ever make?

If and who I will marry.

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