Friday, November 4, 2011


I love Pinterest! It is one of the best sites ever. I love collecting and keeping fun ideas all in one place! It makes it so much easier to keep track of my favorite recipes and craft ideas! Who knows, I may even share some of the things I make on here!

You can follow people on there to see what they "pin" and "repin" or you can just look things up, like chicken recipies, crafts for kids, Christmas crafts, hair styles, etc. It really is a lot of fun. However, I must warn is addictive and possibly even more of a "time theif" than Facebook! However, it is well spent time when you find that perfect recipe/craft/etc. !

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  1. I agree ... I am addicted to it! I've tried to start posting some of the projects I've actually done from ideas there - I figure I have to be productive so I can justify the time I waste (ahem, spend) there! :-)

    Just stumbled on your blog via BookSneeze. I look forward to reading more!