Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review - "Lonestar Angel" - Collen Coble (Christian Fiction)

Mandatory Disclaimer - I received this book free from in exchange for my review. I promise that my review is honest.

Eden and Clay Larson married 6 years ago after a whirlwind romance that left Eden pregnant. Six weeks after their baby was born, she was kidnapped and held for ransom. In the attempt to pay the kidnappers and get the baby back and accident occurred which left the couple with the impression their baby had died. Clay through himself back into his dangerous work as a photojournalist with the Air Force Special Ops division. Eden filed for divorce and ran away. Five years later Clay got a picture of five little girls and a note that said his daughter was alive and was one of these little girls. He went to find Eden and tell her not only had he found out their little girl was still alive and in the foster care system in Texas, but that they were still married because he had never signed the divorce papers. Eden leaves with him for Texas and they begin their adventure in not only finding their little girl, but also much out about themselves and their walks with God.

I loved this book. It only took me a day to read (and I have 3 kids). I read it whenever I had a moment because I wanted to know what was going to happen to the Larson family and who it was that was torturing them and why. Usually I figure out books like this pretty early on. However, this one was less predictable than most and kept me guessing longer due to a lot of twists and turns and information being given just at the right time.

I liked how the book just jumped into the story at the present time and revealed the characters' past through their own reflections rather than the author saying five years ago blah blah blah. I did care for the characters and wanted the best for them. I loved the theme of "God will help you through it". The book did not try to paint the unrealistic picture of bad things won't happen because God will not let them happen if you trust in Him..but rather the things will happen, but if you trust God He will help you through it. I think that is a much more realistic message than to say He won't let anything happen that you can't handle.

I would recommend this book to friends who like Christian fiction - especially if they enjoy the "whodoneit?" mystery type books. I would also love to see this book made into a Hallmark movie!

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