Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review - "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" - Max Lucado (Children's Faith)

I was given an e copy of this book in exchange for this honest review.

Max Lucado spins a lovely poem like book where a parent is telling his or her child how much the child is, always has been, and always will be loved not only by parents, but also by God as well. The book speaks of the parents always being there for the child and how someday they are promised a wonderful place called Heaven, where they will not only be together forever, but be in the presence of God as well.

I have 3 children. This book sums up so well how much I love them and what I want them to know about that. I never want to leave them wondering if their parents or God care. I want them to always know that no matter what, we are on their side..even if we are angry because they did something wrong..that does not mean the love went away.

I would recommend this book to anyone with small children. It is wonderful!

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