Saturday, October 29, 2011

Caroline's Braces..and her apraxia in general

They fit her for them. She is going to get the kind I showed in a previous post...the ankle ones. Her's are going to be black and yellow. She loves bumblebees, so there are going to be bumblebees on them as well. There really was a lot to choose from. They said we should have them in about 3 weeks.

Meanwhile we are also looking at assistance communication devices. It is going to be awhile before she is able to communicate effectively. She knows some ASL, but is unable to do some signs because of her motor delays. Also, most people do not know ASL. We will continue to teach her ASL, but will also get a communication device for her. They are expensive, so we are putting a lot of research into what we want to get. We may end up with an Ipad and the Pro2Go software. There was an amazing story on 60 minutes about using the Ipads for speech. It also showed some remarkable scans of Temple Grandin's brain. (She is an amazing adult who has Autism..there was a movie made about her starring Claire Danes. ) It showed that the speech center of her brain was indeed "wired" differently than that of a "typical" person. I will include the link to the entire segment (it seems to have kind of spun off of a Steve Jobs it is heavy on Apple praise and fanboyism..but the core of the story is very good).

60 Minutes Autism/Ipad/Temple Grandin

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