Friday, August 12, 2011

School Shopping..

I wish I had thought to take pictures..but in the craziness I did not..and boy was it crazy. I bet there were 100 people just in the BTS section at Target.

Savannah picked out her new school supplies. They are all pink and purple. Daddy wishes she would do more neutral things..but I remind him that she is a girl. Little Girls often like pink and purple shiny glittery things. It makes them happy. Her favorite "score" of the day was a little bit of a splurge on my part. I got her one of these Hello Kitty thermoses:

It is on sale at Target for $12. I just thought after all she has been through lately I would let her have one. Her teacher is letting them keep water in spill proof containers on their desks, so this should work great. Out of fairness, Ian got a Star Wars Clone Wars one. They seem sturdy and should last through the abuse the kids are sure to put them through.

She is excited to get the school year started. There will be pictures of the 1st day of Second Grade!!!! (When did she get big enough to be in 2nd grade anyway?)

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