Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day at the Park

Last week all 3 kids were in a really good mood, so we went to a park in our city. It is a new park and it is very nice. It even has a concrete circle around the play area so the kids can ride scooters and bikes. There is a water splash pad too, but of course since it is March, it is not open. I think it opens Memorial Day weekend. For my green friends, it is also a green park. The padding under the play area is recycled tires. The pavilions are powered by solar energy. I am not sure how the water is done, but I know it does stop every little bit to conserve some water. (But hey, it is fun for the kids)

After we ate, we went to a pizza place and had pizza.

Here IE and C are on the little crawl ladder thing. C was using her arms mostly to pull her up it. We were close by and it is not as high as it looks. If they had fallen, they would not have gotten hurt.

S at the top of the walk climbing wall...I am guessing it is about 6-7 feet high.

OK, so maybe this should have been before the last one. S climbing up the wall.

Side view of S climbing the wall.

C climbing some stairs. This is VERY big for us. Until just a couple of months ago she was unable to climb stairs at all. She is still not good at it, and she scares me at times, but I have to let her.

Sisters...S was hugging C. C was not so sure about this. I think she was remembering that S likes to take the iPad away from her. I think she was still a little mad about that.

C by herself on the circle ladder. As you can see her leg can touch the ground and she is very little, so it is not high. She was having some trouble with this, but like I said, I have to let her try. She is still falling some, but I have to let her try and move around more. I do not want to hold her back.

IE on his "bike". He loves nothing more than going around in circles, so this is ideal for him. He usually HATES getting his picture made, but he was in a good mood and humored me that day. I love days like that. They give me insight into him that he normally does not let people see.

IE at the top of the slide.

IE at the top of the bridge.

S on the swings.

IE close up on his bike. You can see on his forehead where he fell and got into a fight with a chair. The chair won. It looked so much better that day then it did a couple of days before.

C trying the bike. She can't do it and gets frustrated. Eventually she just started kind of scooting it along.

J on the swings with IE and C. I was surprised C could stay in the swing, but then OT and PT have been working with her on things like that so it proves there is value in therapy!

S on slide..I love this picture!

What J does when we eat out - gets on his phone...

S being silly

Monkey see..Monkey Do...

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