Monday, March 12, 2012

C's Nashville Adventure...

The day started at 3AM. We got up, got dressed, and got in the car by 4AM. We had to stop for gas (because I forgot to fill up the tank the day before). By 430AM wew were on the interstate. I have never driven in such little traffic, it was just us and a couple of truckers for a very long time. Funny thing is, there seemed to be more east bound traffic than west bound..but of course it could have just seemed that way since I was meeting that traffic rather than being in it.

We had breakfast via the drive thru at the CFA in Mount Juliet. C loves CFA!

We got to the hospital about 30 minutes before the appointment, but the doctor took us back a little early. She asked me questions and had C do some things and determined right away she is not autistic nor ADHD (which I knew already). She gave her a diagnosis of Childhood Apraxia of Speech We have expected this for quite a while, but it is nice to get the diagnosis. Now we can start working on making the insurance pay for the therapy she needs in order to be able to talk. She really wants to talk, she is just not able to get the words out. We are hoping therapy will help with this.

We then got back in the van to come home. We ate lunch at Zaxby's in Lebanon. It was okay..I usually expect better food from a Zaxby's, but I guess everywhere has off days. One more pit stop in Crossville for a potty/stretch break..and then we were home!

C enjoyed her alone day with Mommy..she was not ready to have to share Mommy with bro and sis when we got home!

J survived his day alone with IE (S was at school)!

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