Monday, December 26, 2011

Book Review - Love Lifted Me by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck (Inspirational Fiction)

I received a hard back edition of this prepublication book for free in exchange for this review.

Jade Benson has forgiven her husband Max for his infidelity during their engagement. She has even embraced his son Asa, who was the result of that infidelity as her own. She truly loved them both and after an abortion and five miscarriages she was glad to have Asa in her life. Soon though a woman would come to her with allegations that the son was not Max's, but another man's instead. Around this same time, Max decides he is called by God to take a football job in Texas thus they would leave their beloved Tennessee behind. Jade agrees thinking this might be the best new start for them. While there many new things happen to them. The town does not embrace them and they are met with hostility. Jade becomes pregnant with twin girls. The parents of the mother of Asa show up with the biological father and proof of paternity. The hostility escalates to dangerous and possible career ending proportions.

I really loved this book. It was sweet. It also made sure that all the main characters were not perfect, but had obvious flaws they had to struggle to overcome. I really identified with Jade on the miscarriage part of things. I have had 2 miscarriages and know how devastating they are. I had never had an abortion, but I often questioned if I had done something else that caused it..mistakes I had made in the past. I also identified with a scene (SPOILER ALERT - skip to next paragraph) where she thinks she is miscarrying again. I have had that happen and could identify with the fear and all the things going through her head.

I loved how the characters came together. How the story progressed and changed throughout the book. I read that is was the third book in a six book series, but I had not read the first two books. I did not need to read the first two to understand this book because the back-story is explained when needed. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Christian romantic fiction!

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