Friday, December 2, 2011

Book Review - "Heroes and VIllians of the Bible"

This ebook was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for an honest review.

This book takes the stories of several people in the Bible, both good and naughty and presnets them along with the lesson they teach us in an easy to understand format, that is still directly from the scriptures.

Lessons include the stories of creation, Satan, Cain, Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Potiphar's wife, Jospeh forgiving his brothers, Miriam, Moses, Pharaoh, Rahab. Joshua, Gideon, Delilah, Ruth, Samuel, Goliath, Jezebel, Mordecai, Haman, Ester, Daniel, Jonah, Mary and the angel, Joseph, the shepherds, Herod, John the Baptist, Four Good Friends, the boy's lunch, The Good Samaritan, Herodias, the money changers, The Widow, the woman washing Jesus feet, Nicodemus, the Pharisees, Judas, Peter, Pilate, the soldiers at the cross, Jospeh of Arimatheia, the woman at the tomb, Jesus ascension, Steven, Philip and Saul/Paul.

I liked that this book not only included male examples, but female ones as well. Sometimes I think religious books (especially ones about being a hero) leave out girls. Most everything for girls seems to focus on being a "princess". This books gives examples of women who were not all frilly being wonderful women. I also liked that the book gave examples of behavior that is not consistent with how we want our children to act and explained why this behavior was and is undesirable and what can be done to avoid such behaviors.

I especially liked this quote from the story of Noah. It was explained that all Noah had done was to walk with God everyday and to do what God told him to do, even if it seemed silly. I think this quote is a good one for not only children, but adults as well, to remember:

"To be a hero for God, you don’t have to build an ark, take down a giant, or defeat an entire army. To be a mighty hero for God, you simply need to say, “Yes, Lord,” and walk with him every day."

Tama Fortner. Heroes & Villains of the Bible: Real Stories Actual Bible Text (Kindle Locations 425-427). Thomas Nelson.

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