Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Early Anniversary Present...

I have the best husband, ever!

I have been wanting a KitchenAid stand mixer for a long time. They are expensive though so I did not just go out and buy one. For about a year I have been dropping not so subtle hints at J. I would have them up on the web browser and say they were "cool" or "imagine what I could make with one of these" or "wow look what it will do". I would also randomly leave the web browser open to a page that contained one - especially when there was a sale. I would touch the ones in the store and stand and look at them awhile.

The other day the newspaper came and Target had an ad for the mixers. They were on sale for cheaper than I had seen them in awhile. J noticed before I did. He had been asking around to people he knew and found out none of them had regretted the purchase of their KA mixer. He told me to go ahead and pick one out! I went to the store before he could change his mind!

It is my 10th anniversary present (our anniversary is later this month). I do not mind getting an appliance at all! You see, I am not a jewelry type of girl really. I wear my wedding bands and that is about it. Occasionally I might wear a necklace or a bracelet. My ears are pierced, but I do not wear earrings much. I am pretty practical as far as presents go. I like stuff I will use. He knows that :).

So far I love it! It helped me make fluffier frosting than ever before! It cut the time of making sausage balls in more than half! Also the sausage was better mixed in than ever before! It is also easy to clean off the beaters (they are not supposed to go in the dishwasher - but are easy enough to clean it does not matter).

Here are pics!


Amazon link to learn more about my new toy :)

He also ordered me the KA attachment kit. It has a grinder, slicer, shredder, and strainer. Basically, it lets your mixer be your food processor as well. He says the juicer, ice cream maker, and pasta makers are coming in future times!

I have not taken pictures of these yet, but here is the link about it. It can be tedious to attach to the machine because of the sharp parts, but I think that is true of anything that used interchangeable sharp blades! The thin slicer does slice very thin! Again, as the blog title says, I am just learning as I go. I will try and post pictures and videos of it as I learn!

Oh, and I did not pay $100 for the set. That is a high price for it. If you wait around the price often goes down.

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