Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pantry Challenge

A forum I frequent has a group of us that is doing what is called a Pantry Challenge. It was an idea one of the girls on the board had and a group of them did it last month. This month I am joining in. The goal is to use up some of the "stockpile" in the pantry. Each girl gives a list of what she wants to use from her pantry over the next month. As she uses items, they are crossed off the list. The goal is to use as much as possible from the list before the end of 4 weeks (so about a month).

The idea is you cut your grocery bill because you are using what you already have. It also will cut down on waste as the items get used before they expire. I decided to bring my part of the challenge to my blog.

Here is what I plan to try to use up in the next 4 weeks (starting Friday).

6 bags Knotts Alfredo noodles

5 boxes chicken rice a roni

2 boxes Zataran's wild rice

6 boxes spaghetti

3 cans spaghetti red sauce

3 cans white sauce

2 blocks velvetta

10 bags frozen vegetables

2 boxes town house crackers

3 packs frozen chicken breasts

2 packs frozen ground beef

9 boxes organic mac and cheese

3 Betty Crocker Cookie Packs

1 Blueberry muffin mix

3 chocolate cake mixes

1 cashew chicken box meal

3 cans rotel

2 cans hormel chili

2 jars salsa

1 bag frozen hashbrowns

1 jar ricotta

1 jar sour cream

1 box hard taco shells

1 can grand biscuts

2 can cresent rolls

2 cans cream of chicken soup

5 cans diced tomatos

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