Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CVS Week 3 of challenge

This week was a little disappointing. I did not get everything I wanted because they were out of so many things. That is okay though, what I did get makes me happy. I am not posting a picture, since I already opened one of the products, besides there is nothing too interesting about a box of dish washing detergent.

CVS has Finish Quantum 20 count Tabs on sale for $3 this week. There is also a promotion for buy $20 worth of certain products, get $10 ECBs. I knew this sale was coming up, so I bought coupons on eBay. I received 20 $2/1 coupons for $3. (This means each coupon cost me about $0.15.

This is what I bought:
(7) Boxes Finish Quantum @ $3

I used

(7) $2/1 coupons
$7 in ECBs that were left on my CVS card (where I messed up and they gave them back to me)

I paid $0 oop before tax.. (I paid $1.50 in tax) I received $10 in ECBs back.
Total saved this week off SALE price : $21

Total spent so far on $10 challenge : $0
Total worth of merchandise so far (SALE price): $126.78

Total ECBs I have to roll onto next week : $25

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