Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Groceries and Coupons

I do not do as well at groceries as I do at household and beauty items. Especially lately, there have just not been many coupons for things we eat. (However, a couple of weeks ago I did get 20 boxes of pasta for FREE.) I can typically save 1/2 or so...but nothing like you see on TV.

Then I watched the TV closely. I looked closer at the cart. I saw a lot of condiments. I saw a lot of junk food. I saw a lot of household items. I saw a lot of personal hygiene items. What I did not see was real food. I did not see a lot of produce. I did not see fresh meats. I did not see milk, bread or other staples. So unless they are feeding their kids mustard on crackers with a side of jello and cookies, I bet their actual grocery bills are higher than the TV lets on. Just a thought for those that are sad because they did not get $1000 in "groceries" for less than $100.

I have lowered my grocery bill significantly though. I buy sides when they are on sale and I have a coupon (such as the pasta mentioned above). I try to buy meats when they are on sale and freeze them. I buy frozen veggies (especially when there are coupons). I then buy bread and fruit (trying to mostly get in season fruit). This helps, even if I do still spend $ on these items. Plus I have the satisfaction of knowing my kids have food to eat and a bed that does not have condiments stuffed into the mattress.

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