Tuesday, May 31, 2011


There will be some couponing posts off and on, but not as many. It actually does take up time and I do not have as much of it with the kiddos out of school. Also, it has not been easy to coupon around here lately. The reason : shelf clearers. Shelf clearers are those people who make sure they have 100s of the same coupon and hit the store as soon as it opens (or in the case of 24/7 stores) at midnight. They use their coupons and buy everything the store has of that product. That leaves nothing for the rest of us. Stores are taking measures to stop this by limiting coupons to 2 per manufacturer per person per day..and that prevents shelf clearing, but it also keeps people who might just have bought 4 or so of each product from doing so. They are also no longer allowing more than 1 internet printed coupon per day. The reason for this being that not so honest people copy the coupons and use more than their share. The bar codes are unique as you print them, so even if the store does not catch this right away..the manufacturer will and the store will not be reimbursed (which means the person copying the coupon essentially STOLE the item. Maybe sometime I will sit down and right a post on couponing etiquette as I see it. Would anyone be interested?

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